the forgotten live ‘rock theater’

I was surfing you tube last night and came across a ton of older video footage of Peter Gabriel when he was with Genesis.

If anyone ever saw Genesis perform years ago when Gabriel was with them (as was Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Michael Rutherford and even Bill Bruford during tours) they would have been treated to what was called ‘theater rock’. This was really the equivalent of a story being told on a rock stage complete with costumes, lights and stage props. Very unusual theatrics indeed. In fact, this kind of ‘show’ is no longer done today and that’s a shame. Its one thing to perform your most recent songs from a just releasedPeter Gabriel and Genesis cd. Its quite another to ‘tell the story’ through music. Its this ‘telling’ that missing these days from bands. We need more ‘epic’ long form music pieces. Not simply 5 minutes ‘candy coated’ songs of the month. Bring back ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway‘ or ‘Supper’s Ready‘. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one reunion concert with all of them on stage performing over 2 nights just this type of show. What would you pay today to see this?Peter Gabriel and Genesis


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