$5.00 a gallon for gas, Oil will go over $ 100.00 a barrel and Google will hit 1000…

Thresholds and benchmarks. Since gasoline out here in California is swiftly approaching $4.00 a gallon, it won’t be long before it surpasses that point and creeps towards $ 5.00 a gallon. Prediction: by Summer 2008, we will see that price level or before. oil barrelOil will creep over $ 100 a barrel before years end and Google will see a $1000 per share pricegoogle stock certificate. The event that will precipitate these benchmark price levels will be the further dependence on oil by not only the US but China and India coupled with natural catastrophes and worldwide demand by consumers which is not abating. The ‘excuse’ always given to us by the Oil co’s. is “its the spring and consumer demand is increasing” and then the next thing we hear is that its now ‘summer’ and demand for gasoline is more than ever (translation: pump up the price because we know people will be driving more because its summer). As for Google I’ll bet the price of the stock jumps big time once they bid on and win the Gov’t. 700 MGhz wireless spectrum auction and combine their Linux mobile OS phone manufacturing partners and their ‘free’ Google wireless mobile network. Think of the enormous shift of cash flow from some current mobile operators right over to the ‘free’ Google network filled with advertisements almost overnight. Why would I continue with Verizon or AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile or Alltel or whomever if I could get the same or better service for free?

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