We are getting closer…GoogleSonic TV sets!

We are swiftly approaching the convergence of the TV and the web. Google google-logo.jpg is helping this transformation by signing a deal with Panasonic today as reported by Duncan Riley at GigaOm to build and sell ‘Google’ TV sets. They are suppose to include access the YouTube, Picasa Web Albums and probably gmail, but this is not confirmed. What is confirmed is the blending of TV and the web. This implications of this deal are clear – once consumers get access to larger pipes (bandwidth) to the home, TV will be delivered over the internet. One year, we will all wake up and there will no longer be any difference between ABC-TV that I’m watching on my computer screen in my office or ABC-TV that I watch on my large flat panel TV in the living room which is framed by and delivered through a browser. I can’t wait!

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