on digital media…

Digital media is about mass adoption. One source, many outlets. Unlike our learned cable TV mentality, it is not about ‘exclusivity’. It is the opposite of a closed system, like your cable franchise. Its not about ‘scarcity’ or ‘DRM’. The web’s natural model resembles the early days of TV ‘syndication’ and content distribution. The web is about common paths, sharing and community. The the old media game is about ‘exclusivity’ and ‘scarcity’. Online is about being part of the conversation, the social community, the rankings and your favorites, monthly uniques, RSS, open source API’s, distribution (give it away) to everyone, openspace and a common human goal Klaatu barada nikto ( klaatu barada nikto )  to interact and communicate by giving up and giving away content. Its all about mass adoption and distribution, and not a one-by-one subscription mentality.

— ~Observations over time – ~b.

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