Social Networks, a data hassle.

More now then ever I encounter pages like this (see below) which require me to put in my username or ID login (not my password). However, I have a ton of user names. What’s an online active person to do? Well, if I had the time, I’d create an online data repository web site that would allow me to fill out 1 profile covering all my essential info. That would eliminate me filling this in on every site and filling these out everytime I go or join a new community. I’d just point that new site to my data file and upload. ~b.

Amazon wishlist Amazon  
Bebo Bebo  
Blinklist Blinklist  
Blogger Blogger  
Digg Digg  
eBay eBay eBay User ID:  
Facebook Facebook  
Flickr Flickr  
Friendster Friendster    
Furl Furl  
Jaiku Jaiku http://  
Jumpcut Jumpcut  
Kiva Kiva  
LinkedIn LinkedIn  
LiveJournal LiveJournal username:  
MyBlogLog MyBlogLog  
MySpace MySpace  
Netvouz Netvouz  
Orkut Orkut  
Picasa Picasa  
Pownce Pownce  
Reddit Reddit  
Rollyo Rollyo  
Second Life Second Life name:  
Shelfari Shelfari  
Sphinn Sphinn  
StumbleUpon StumbleUpon http://  
Technorati Technorati  
Textamerica Textamerica http://  
The DJ List The DJ List  
30 Boxes 30 Boxes url:  
Tribe Tribe  
Twitter Twitter  
TypeKey TypeKey  
Upcoming Upcoming  
Vox Vox http://  
Wakoopa Wakoopa  
Wink Wink  
Yelp Yelp  
YouTube YouTube  
Zorpia Zorpia  

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