‘The Beatles’ are finally available in a streaming format…across the universe that is.

If you are extraterrestrial in the neighborhood of Polaris, the North Star, you’ll be able to listen to ‘Across the Universe’ in 431 years for free and without any DRM. NASA on Monday will broadcast the Beatles’ song “Across the Universe” across the galaxy to mark the 50th anniversary of the agency, the 45th anniversary of NASA’s Deep Space Network, and the 40th anniversary of the song (not to mention Tuesday’s DVD release of the movie bearing the same name). The song will be broadcast as an MP3 and with the blessing of the The Beatles estate thebeatles.jpg . Polaris is 2.5 quadrillion miles away (umm, that’s why it’s 431 years away). But that seems a lot closer than downloading anything ‘Beatles’ soon from iTunes. To Polaris anyone?


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