Google will buy Apple by 2011

I believe that Google will buy Apple by 2011 or before. I think this for several reasons. Apple’s multimedia minded strategy fits in well with Google’s long-term media strategy, it would give Google a place on the OS, Apple is affordable for Google, it would be a deal with lot’s of sizzle that Wall St. would most likely embrace, Apple does what it does well (multimedia and .mac’s, iPhone and iPods) and Google does what it does well (advertising, advertising and advertising, wireless spectrum maybe) and both business’s do not appreciably overlap and finally it’s a deal that just seems inevitable. If I only had enough coin to buy a lot of Apple stock and sit on it…(stock price today is 127 )

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21 comments on “Google will buy Apple by 2011

  1. I expect the market cap of AAPL will grow faster than GOOG over the next few years. Thus; I don’t think GOOG could afford AAPL.

  2. China will buy Japan. Volkswagen will buy BMW and International bankers will buy the world. Oops, that one’s already happened…..

    Google understands seductive hardware the way Bush understands the middle class in the USA.

  3. “Apple is affordable for Google”… Excuse me, what? In what alternate universe? Pray tell how Google would manage to pony up $120 billion for Apple, when they are only worth $140 billion themselves?

    As others have mentioned here, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Apple surpass Google in market cap this year. Google is a one-trick pony, albeit it’s a nice trick. Apple, on the other hand, has multiple avenues of growth and an open-ended market.

  4. No way! If anybody bought anybody, it would be Apple buying Google. Apple’s market cap is almost as big as Google and with billions in the bank, and virtually no debt, Apple is just a little too big for Microsoft, let alone Google, to try and gobble up.

    Google gobbling up Apple might sound interesting, but one giant trying to gobble up another giant is a recipe for disaster – for both companies!

    A more likely scenario would be for the two giants to merge into one new super giant, but even that scenario is very doubtful.

    However, if it ever did happen, I’m quite sure who would end up running the whole shebang and it would be Eric or anybody else at Google, which means you ‘know who’ would end up running it!

    It already happened before when Apple Inc. bought Next Inc. Guess who ending up running Apple? Yes, that’s correct, Steve Jobs! In that one, Apple paid Next $400,000,000 big ones and Jobs and his right handed men at Next simply replaced almost everyone at with their own. Apple paid Next to come in and take over everything.

    End of story.

  5. Actually, forget about mergers and acquisitions: Apple AND Google can dominate the decade like MSFT/Intel did for many years. OK, GOOG has its quaint little Gphone project– Google also plays well with the iPhone. Intel used to have side projects MSFT didn’t buy into, either. Schmidt’s already on Apple’s Board.

  6. No way. Google is set to complete with Apple on the platform that is now cellphones, but will soon be micro computers.

    Although they are similar companies in respect to corporate amenities they would not work out that well synergistically. It would be the harbinger of a failure to both companies.

  7. Yep. It seems like a good idea indeed, and furthermore another stepstone into replacing the “Windows Empire”.

  8. nopes, I totally disagree though I enjoyed reading the thought 🙂
    As it is said, if you don’t dream, it doesn’t come true

  9. Maybe… but i see it being a problem for Google to merge the company with Apple.

    Google is on the internet… why would it bog itself down with hardware sales? Even Microsoft is moving away from being on the computer to being on the web.

    Not saying it can’t happen, but it would be very strange.

    • You could be very right and I could be very wrong, however, 2011 ain’t over yet and Mr. Jobs will be stepping down soon (unfortunately). Perhaps something else might transpire between the two. We’ve got 11+ months to wait and see!

      • Seriously? You still think that’s even possible? Do you ever read any tech news? Do you know anything about market cap? Huh? Huh? Ahhhhhh!

      • Stud-

        I can see you are the ultimate Monday morning quarterback – and nope, I never read anything regarding, what was that word called again, ummm ‘tech’? Nope -Never even heard of it until you mentioned that word first right here. Tell you what, I’ve learned my lesson and from now on, I’m going to read your blog and follow what you say so I can understand more about ‘tech’. You are indeed a smart fella! Thanks for your insight here.

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