Hurricane’s worth watching.

police car chase

police car chase

There is this urge in all of us to watch others dilemma’s, happenstances and circumstances that are out of our control or for that matter, anyone’s control to see what will happen and when it will happen.  If there was a 24/7 car chase channel on TV that did nothing but let us watch the myriads of car chases from TV news helicopters that occur every day on our highways and city streets, it would be a ratings star.  We’d use it as TV wallpaper.  Leave it on, glance over at the screen once and a while all the time hoping to see some kind of climactic and safe (?) resolution to each chase.  Well, there is no ‘Chase Channel’ cable TV or internet channel today but there is a new web site that allows us to better watch and observe a Hurricane. And its got great graphics and data, along with a nice light degree of interactivity. So, instead of only being able to see the giant ‘green swirling’ white clouds repeated 10X backwards and forwards on the evening weather portion of the news, try this site called ‘Stormpulse‘.  Here’s a pic/preview. There’s nothing to download,  which is even better.

Stormpulse partial screen shot

Stormpulse partial screen shot

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