Can you stop piracy? No. But you can slow it down BIG time.

Piracy has been a pain for many and a convenience for some. If you know how to grab full length features from the web whether its from a torrent or newsgroups and that’s the only thing that you do (not UPLOADing  movies), then you’re probably safe. In fact, you’re a great ‘watercooler’ marketer for new movies in the theaters or just released on DVD. Now, it seems that Comcast will be monitoring bandwidth hogs, and  slowing down those connections that real hogs….translation: anyone downloading movies and music. So, what’s the worst thing you can do to a person that downloads a screener of gran-torino1 ‘Gran Torino’ or marley-and-me‘Marley and Me’ today ? (Because they ARE up on the newsgroups thanks to the studios themselves – my next post, btw).  SLOW his connection speed to a crawl. Simple. No technical anything needed.  It will make getting these films to your home an incredibly frustrating experience.  And, this will happen, eventually…. read this. (Thanks Om!)

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