Cable operators are OUT of room…no kidding!

Holy cow Batman!! We ran out of room?


So what’s a programming service to do when they don’t have channel space to put even their own cable offering on the air? Punt! How do you do that? Well, there’s a little under-the-radar company in San Jose that provides ‘web-infused’ TV. They produce a magic box and some magic proprietary software to the cable operator for FREE. That’s right, 100% FREE. They install it for them and maintain it for them. What does this give the operators? It gives them many more additional cable channels. What does it give the cable subscriber at home (read: you and me) ? More channels on their channel line-up. And its all seamless. It just looks like another channel. The channel or channels are controlled and surfed with the same remote that you were given when you signed up for cable. But here’s the best part. It also delivers the Internet on a channel all controlled by the same remote. You want to watch videos on YouTube, see what’s on Its all there and easy to find and maneuver. No box for you to hook up, no additional NOTHING. I think this has a lot of potential for growth. They will be launching in a large system back East shortly. So, if you have a fairly robust website that you want delivered on cable TV to millions of cable TV subscribers, you can do that now. They are other pieces to actually how you get launched but its all do-able. Exciting times. I’m going to brush off some of my old cable channel concepts. They might just fly now.

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