The BP Gulf Disaster

I couldn’t sit idle and watch this unfold without notice. It is a crime against all of us.

Let’s hope that they CAN plug this leak.

One comment on “The BP Gulf Disaster

  1. Darn it. Hit some sort of back button hotkey by mistake. Lost the whole thing I posted. But didn’t know you were quite the opinionated one. Now i know why you and Shell hit it off. It’s great reading, I subscribed to it. So how much of the online population even has a clue what a privacy policy is? Facebook is bad. I have about 100 people on my “friends” list. talk actively to maybe 25 of them. the other 75 are old friends from ECR High School in Woodland Hills. If you are in the same school is your phone number supposed to show up in someone elses address book?

    I have 100 friends, 90 of them are populated with phone numbers and i’m out of everyday contact with 75% of them. It doesn’t add up. But I also read

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