Cloudy With NO Chance of Meatballs for $24.95

Someone over at Sony must be watching too many 3 Stooges episodes late at night to think up a promotion like this.

What a terrible value for consumers. I guess their DVD outlets complained so instead of changing their thinking they upped the 24hr. ‘rental’ price. Yes, that’s right. If you’ve got a Sony Bravia TV you too can rent ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ for the incredibly fair price of $ 24.95 for a 24 hour term. Don’t everyone rush at once. And, those renters will be proud to know that they got to see the film BEFORE their friends got it on DVD….ooooohhh. Sony thinks that there’s a rush to see THIS film 28 days before you can see it or buy it on DVD (Jan 4th, 2010) for less than $24.95 and own the plastic disc and box? I feel really sorry for the suckers who rent it on Jan. 3rd, 2010 the day before its DVD release. If they wait just 24 more hours they can OWN it for less.

Sony, why not offer consumers something of value? Netflix list of 20 Sony films for free? 3-6 month pass to EpixHD online? Something on iTunes? Anything? This is ridiculous.

and the new Tex Avery of our time is…. John Kricfalusi

Brilliant is the only word for John. John is most famous for “Ren and Stimpy”. His style and humor most often makes me recall watching the master of exaggeration and grandfather of cartoons, Tex Avery. Tex made some unbelievable cartoons – some of which have been ‘banned’ today (like ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabana‘). Here is one of his best “Red-Hot Riding Hood“.

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Or this cartoon about a “King-Size Canary

John has his own demo reel. John’s style is so much like that of the Avery style I think sometimes he really IS Tex Avery. I’d love to hire John to create a new series of cartoons for adults (non-porn), just very edgy. I think he’s the guy that can pull it off.

John’s demo reel can be viewed here.