Dead Simple, Part 2,

Now you can add up to 25 icons.

Dead simple and even better.


PS- you MUST go here and then customize.  🙂


Uncov is back! What kept ‘ya?

Yes, Uncov is Back

Earlier this year, I said that Uncov was dead. Well, I lied. It’s back. Today is the greatest day in the history of the internet.

I’m not going to focus on startups, because startups are boring. I’ve posted up the archives of everything that’s been written here so far, so if you are really desperate for somebody to tell you what to think about Web 2.0, or if you forgot how awesome I really am, you can re-read all that.

Brave New World

Since I actually have shit to do during the day at my for-reals job, I can’t keep up the post frequency I used to. As such, if you register for an account, you can write posts to your own blog at – the Peanut Gallery you see to the right. If you do a good job, we’ll promote your post to the front page.

If you want to blog at, it should be in the style of Uncov. It doesn’t have to be technical or nerdy, and you should feel free to take shots at people, so long as you do it in the Uncov fuck-you-and-everyone-that-looks-like-you fashion.

Also, if you’re interested in giving me some money for sponsorship or shit like that, email me.