iPhone for a Christmas present? Not anymore.

I was going to splurge this Christmas and buy myself a ‘jailbreaked’ iphone on eBay. I had it all planned, get the phone, make sure it works ok and then call Sprint and find the lowest cost plan I can possibly get and presto! A new cool iphone, no more cell phone bills and I’m a happy camper. But wait, did I hear AT &T announce last week that they are going to start selling a new, faster iPhone (3G) beginning early next year? Well, that kinda makes the iphone I planned on buying (and I’m sure about another million or so people planned on as well for gifts) already outdated. And I’m sure Apple or AT & T won’t offer an upgrade option.

apple logo

The fact that the CEO of A T & T who has a 5 yr. ‘exclusive’ arrangement to sell iphones made this announcement within one month of Christmas this year was remarkable. Was this by accident he announced this right before Christmas? No, it was no accident – it was done on purpose to ‘kill’ a heck of a lot of iphone sales. But why would A T & T shoot itself in the foot like this?

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Well, here’s one guess: A T & T thought that they had and exclusive from other carriers and, in fact they did under the terms of their agreement, however, they don’t have an exclusive from a yet ‘unnamed’ carrier or what could be a ‘new’ carrier IF Google wins the 700 Mghz spectrum auction bid. So, I think A T & T knows that Google and Apple might team up together and bid on this new spectrum to supply to consumers their own network and cell phones. Therefore, A T & T must now contemplate competing and biding on that auction (or teaming up with someone) to bid to keep everything in ‘check’. How awesome would a new mobile network be with Google owning the network and Apple suppling the phones? Its been speculated that the reason why Apple has been slow to allow VOIP application on the iphone is because they want to be the first company to announce something like this. An announcement to consumers that they can soon make free calls on their iphone using VOIP in exchange for seeing some ads would take a big chunk of the cell phone market away from the mobile carriers. So, why buy an outdated iphone for Christmas? Just wait until the newer, faster model arrives. That’s my plan.

the iphone, wi-fi, jailbreak and no more cell phone bills

my friend just bought an iphone off ebay for about 400.00. It came ‘unlocked’ or hacked. He can place any SIM card in it and use any carrier he wants. BUT what’s really interesting is that he no longer needs to use a mobile carrier to make his calls – he uses the iphone wifi capabilities and the software hack (jailbreak) and bingo – free calls. He even uses his regular cell number. Does it really work? Well, I’ve been talking with him for about 10 days now on it. Over the 405 freeway in his house and around town. So far it sounds like any other cell phone. No dead spots I can notice. After about 1 week of this he called his carrier Sprint and lowered his monthly cell minute commitment from 1500 minutes a month to 150. His cell bill dropped to next to nothing and now his calls are all free. Can this really be? Well so far its true. It really does work. the iphoneAPPLE knows this is going on and just released their newest version of the iphone software OS (v 1.1.2). Well, in about 20 mins. after the new version was made available it was hacked again for those iphone users and it seems this cat and mouse game will keep going on and on. APPLE says it sold about 1.55 million iphones and about 250,000 of those are unlocked. Next year there will be a new kid on the block and this new kids toy will be just about the only thing that could sway some of those 250,000 users a different way – a free cellular network through Google’s win of the FCC’s auction of 700-MHz wireless spectrum and several handset makers that will produce a linux based mobile handset with Google app’s loaded on it and ads. The handsets will cost money but the network (calls) Google buys Sprintwill be free with ads. And perhaps there will be a pay (no-ad) version too. This type of scenario will really throw the whole cell phone business for a loop. And I believe it will happen shortly. In the meantime I want an unlocked’ iphone too!