Those ‘elusive’ online Academy Award Screeners for 2007…and the winners are:

OscarIts that time again. What do I mean you might ask? Its time to hunt down digital copies and watch this years Academy Award screener’s that are already starting to ‘leak’ their way online. Some even before they hit the theaters. So, we’ll keep a tally here as to which ones have shown up and where to find them. First one off the lot ‘honors’ goes to “AMERICAN GANGSTER” Stay tuned for more!

ps – they are all found right here Calico Jack, The Pirate.

UPDATE: (*note: not all of the below mentioned titles are ‘Academy Screeners’, some are art house pics, some are DVD screeners that were leaked earlier than their DVD street date -most likely by an employee – and all are found in the divx binary newsgroup as well as some others and are available for download for free by anyone with a newsgroup reader, newsgroup account, and some par files). If you need some help understanding how to do all of this, you can look it up on the web here (and its not an easy exercise to do and that’s why services like Limewire and Kazza thrived for so long) or try iTunes.

*The Brothers Solomon, King of California, Redacted, Fifty Pills, The Banishment, In Memory of Myself, The Edge of Heaven, Thieves, The Man Who Shot Chinatown, The Man from Earth, Shattered, September Dawn, Dragon War.