Whatever happened to…Joost?

Lots of hype, supposedly one million users (probably downloads and not users) and a whole bunch of Media exec’s praising the new internet ‘TV’ service, whatever happened to Joost? joost.jpg The stepchild of the Skype boys ( Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis ) has virtually disappeared from the press, media hype and from sight. Remember, Joost was going to eat YouTube’s lunch? And everyone else’s breakfast and dinner. The founder’s reputation preceded Joost (also founders of the infamous content application thief, Kazaa kazaa.jpg ). Perhaps everyone thought that since these guys figured out how to deliver content illegally to users with Kazaa that if they applied themselves to a legit service, like Joost then consumers could then order TV online the ‘legit’ way.

Joost lost their CTO recently and is now in search of a business model. It turns out no one wants to download an application or client onto their computer (TV is web based now online, try Hulu.com and many others). The content on Joost was sub-par. People don’t want to watch TV on the web like they watch it on TV, they like to program their own line-up of content. So, my hunch is that Joost will eventually merge with another online content provider or turn their service into an online web based service or shut down. But I don’t believe it’s a long-term player anymore in the TV end of the spectrum online.