TV is coming to the iPhone and it’s free and it will ‘rock’ rumor has it.

Word on the street is


Hulu will be putting out a free iPhone app very soon that streams full length TV shows using 3G and WiFi. And any hopes of AT&T charging for TV flew out the window.  Guess Apple apple will be sucking wind about charging all of us now through iTunes to watch the same things. Wonder what that will do to iTunes sales of these shows. My hunch is not too much and if anything will make more fans and will increase ratings. Why? Why do I say that giving away ‘Lost’ won’t cause a loss of

sales of the same at iTunes? itunes Because, if you are really a rabid ‘Lost’ fan, you will want to own it anyway, whether you get to watch last night’s season finale or not. Giving it away for free (and on a very small screen) only whets the appetite of those that might decide to sample the show using the app. Come ‘on everyone, haven’t you all

heard of piracy? Calico Jack the Pirate Well, this is simply ‘legal’ . Have you ever heard of the WWF? (or WWE today). They still give away wrestling on TV daily on TBS and charge $ 39.99 or more for essentially the same show on PPV.  It seems like someone in Hollywood may finally be seeing the light.

This just in…Google and Simon Fuller to debut TV show online

Good Monday Morning…on the heels of my last post comes a rumor just a few hours ago that Google and Simon Fuller (American Idol fame) are collaborating on a new TV show to debut online. (think ‘prom queen’ Prom Queenbut even more production values added to the mix). Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

the WGA the strike and presenting the newest Network…the internet

So, we have a strikewga strike in Tinseltown and the studios SHOULD be giving the writers their fair share of future revenues that WILL be generated from viewing their work on the internet. Or maybe the writers should just form another guild entirely that is digital only for the web. It strikes me that there will be more producers and actors and writers that will migrate their efforts on the internet once its been shown that a new TV show can produce some significant coin from their debut online. Since there are many more households with broadband now than ever before I wonder how many people would watch ‘American Idol’ or ‘Lost’ online FIRST given the chance? And then watch the repeats on TV. I wonder what the online viewing numbers must measure for the advertisers to allow the web to ‘go first’. It could be an interesting paradigm shift if it happens one day.