TV how YOU want it and on the TV, not online…but they are stealth for the moment.

Imagine being able to turn on your tv and be faced with 3 choices; any movie old or current that you want to see, any TV show old or current that you want to watch and a large inventory or list of advertisements (both the funny ones you like and the boring ones you are sick of ). Then, let’s say you are the kind of person who hates watching ads on TV. OK, then you can watch whatever you want but you’ll pay a fee per show or movie to see it. You can always watch it again, anytime forever because it goes into your library forever.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind ads. So you go through and pick out what ads you wont mind watching, then go get your movie or TV show. This won’t cost you anything because you will be watching ads. You can watch it again, anytime and forever as its put into your library. Neat huh? No plastic boxes to keep or DVD’s that get scratched, you can watch it anytime ON YOUR TV at home. Better yet, you can use one of your major credit cards to pay the fees to watch (if you are a ad-hater) and you’ll get ‘bonus’ points or in effect viewing ‘mileage’ on the card. You can use this ‘mileage’ to purchase other movies or TV shows. And here’s the coolest part; most anything that can be offered in High-Def is offered in HD for an extra small fee. But no Blue-Ray or Tivo required. And no clumsy other set-top box to install. Just a small, wireless device that just sits next to your TV. And this device is free. Sounds too good to be true. Its not and it will rear its head early next year, nationwide.

I can’t wait and I’m not telling who this is either. But its definitely very cool.