and the new Tex Avery of our time is…. John Kricfalusi

Brilliant is the only word for John. John is most famous for “Ren and Stimpy”. His style and humor most often makes me recall watching the master of exaggeration and grandfather of cartoons, Tex Avery. Tex made some unbelievable cartoons – some of which have been ‘banned’ today (like ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabana‘). Here is one of his best “Red-Hot Riding Hood“.

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Or this cartoon about a “King-Size Canary

John has his own demo reel. John’s style is so much like that of the Avery style I think sometimes he really IS Tex Avery. I’d love to hire John to create a new series of cartoons for adults (non-porn), just very edgy. I think he’s the guy that can pull it off.

John’s demo reel can be viewed here.